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Our focus is to be your healthcare safety net

When you feel vulnerable and lost, Lynx has the answers, and we are ready to immediately coordinate the best care to restore your health.
Our job does not end there. Our vision of optimal health starts with prevention by connecting you to the most advanced medical technologies.

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Imagine finding cancer at stage 1 and never having to undergo chemotherapy or preventing a heart attack before it ever occurs

Lynx Heart
A combination of artificial intelligence and imaging technology can help determine who’s at risk years before a heart attack or stroke could occur and, most importantly, show you what you can do to prevent it.
Early Detection
A new powerful blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer at their earliest stages when they’re easiest to treat.
Body Scan
We provide comprehensive knowledge about what is under your skin – system by system, organ by organ, covering over 500 conditions. We explain what we found, why it’s important, and what you should do about it.
Precision Diagnostics
We check your response to lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. We can learn about how your body is really aging directly from the source. With the results, we help you change your lifestyle and impact how you age.

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Lynx Visionary Healthcare


With over 1700 board-certified physicians countrywide and networked with the best hospitals and specialists worldwide, you and your family will be safe and healthy wherever you go.
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